Creating an space-ial future for us all.

What is space technology?

You may be thinking about rockets and rovers, going to Mars and traveling to the space station. But there's a whole lot more to that than we ever think about.

We are lucky to have the things we do, a lot of these things are do to the ability to go to space and place different technologies that helps our world. From food to communicating to all sorts of different devices!

Some of the devices that help us in our world are:

  • Devices that show the weather so that you can get daily updates on your phone that tell you whether it's going to be sunny or not.
  • Inventions that create opportunities for those that have less fortunate situations -like being able to detect the best times to grow food for those in struggle.
  • Global Positioning Systems to help you find your way around streets.
GPS global Positioning Systems

Not many people remember all of these things.
People like to say that space travel and the money we put into exploration is a waste of time, but I think that most of the time they don't stop and realize that the majority of things we have is thanks to space.

Ways that space tech helps us:

A satellite that detects greenhouse gases.

Green house gasses trap heat at record breaking speed. In 2019, 150% to 250% was the heightened amount of methane and carbon dioxide compared to ‘pre-industrial times’.

satellite images of greenhouse gas detection

The ‘Essential Climate Variable,’ had a significant importance. Greenhouse gas data were generated in a new time-series by ESA’s Greenhouse Gases Climate Change Initiative. This was achieved by merging multiple data sets from an array of atmospheric satellites.

Due to this project, we now have an ability to Monitor and a tight greenhouse gases, which helps us point them out and eliminate them.

Crop forecasting

Understanding the current state of crop growth and predicting final crop yields has become more and more important. NASA took this problem and created a solution.

Satellite crop images

Based on a NASA model, NASA has a software that predicts corn production. It provides daily updates on the state of corn vegetation using satellite tech.

NASA also helped train algorithms to classify land types using satellite imagery as well as created a computer learning program now used with drone images, to assess the stages of growth,the types of crops and plants, and health of crops in fields.


Satellites can also be used for so much when we talk about the ways to get help on earth.

It is used constantly to look for new sites to implant new renewable energy hardware like windmills and hydro power . It also helps us to text places that we can place solar energy panels. Satellites have also enabled us to use navigation systems that take us from one place to the next. It was the way we watch TV and created ways for us to live our everyday environment. Satellites have been used for our phones and our computers, are radios and so much more.

Satellites allow us to:

  • RADIO. it is because we have satellites that a lot of people have to power to jam out to their favorite music in the car.
  • WEATHER. This is how scientists can predict weather and send the predictions to your device so you know whether it will hail, rain, or snow.

“NASA satellites help scientists study Earth and space. … They also measure gases in the atmosphere, such as ozone and carbon dioxide, and the amount of energy that Earth absorbs and emits. And satellites monitor wildfires, volcanoes and their smoke. All this information helps scientists predict weather and climate.”

The use of satellites and the productiveness of phase technology constantly improves Our Lives. It should be way more appreciated. This concludes my article on Space technology.



Ever since I was little, I've been keenly involved within the category of engineering and aerospace. I like learning and the experience of growing as a person.

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cassandra-Jadel moreira

Ever since I was little, I've been keenly involved within the category of engineering and aerospace. I like learning and the experience of growing as a person.